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Do it YOURSELF Trailer Farm Names, Logos, Etc


WIth this product you can purchasing your farm name in your choice of color, font, size up to 10 inches tall by 10 feet long, plus the name for a back door, and a logo up to 4 sq feet..

Kit includes:

Farm name 2x in a size up to 10" x 10' long

Farm name Smaller for back door of trailer

Logo x2 up to 4 square feet (2 feet x 2 feet)

City and State in approximately 3" lettering

Phone number in Approximately 4" lettering

***What is required from you, Take a picture of your trailer and email it to me, I will then mark up the areas I would suggest applying the name, logo, phone etc. You will then measure that area and email me back the measurements. The items will then be custom designed with your choice of font, your emailed logo (Minimum 500 DPI), City, State, and phone. You will get an email of font design and logo before being cut, OK that design and spelling, and I will cut and ship your items, along with installation instructions, tool, and suggestions to make installing them easier

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